Top Investment Earning Apps

If you want to invest money but lack the capital required upfront, there are apps that can help you generate extra cash. These money-earning apps typically require minimal work from you and offer rewards for activities you already perform such as taking surveys or accessing bank accounts.

1. Acorns

Acorns Invest is an app-based investment earning platform that combines micro-investing with robo-advisory services. When linked with your credit cards and spending accounts, Acorns rounds purchases to the nearest dollar and invests it for you automatically.

Set up regular investments that you will receive every day, week, or month and build your savings over time – especially if you are saving up for something major such as a car purchase.

Acorns provides customer support via telephone and email, as well as membership of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation – your investments can be protected up to $500,000 worth of securities!

2. Fundrise

Fundrise is an easy and affordable real estate investing app designed to help users earn cash through investing in private properties. The simple interface makes Fundrise the ideal way for anyone wanting to add real estate investments to their portfolio.

Investors have the freedom to select among various portfolios based on their goals and risk tolerance, with some focused on yielding steady dividend income while others seek long-term capital appreciation.

Fundrise offers eREITs – non-registered private funds that specialize in investing in real estate with specific objectives in mind. Investors’ funds are used to purchase buildings with their eREIT and over time earn dividends and see an appreciation in value of shares over time.

3. Plynk

Plynk is a mobile investment app for US investors that allows them to trade stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds easily from their smartphones. Additionally, the app features an educational hub and offers non-jargon investing material.

Available on iOS and Android devices, it provides beginner-friendly stock, ETF, and crypto trades with no commission costs – accepting deposits via bank wire transfer for deposit purposes.

Starting with $1, you can invest in four cryptocurrencies using Plynk. Please be aware there may be trading fees involved with digital currency trading and that limit orders don’t allow for easy pricing control when buying or selling.

Plynk is a service provided by Digital Brokerage Services LLC and protected by SIPC in case the brokerage goes out of business. Thus, account holders will remain safe.

4. Stash

Stash is an investment earning app designed to make investing easy for anyone. With features such as automated savings, round-ups and Stock-BackR, Stash provides everything anyone needs to start investing today.

Smart Advisor also provides robo-advisor services, which you can register for by depositing $5 and begin creating a personalized portfolio that suits both your risk tolerance and financial goals.

Stash offers you an alternative bank account option without monthly maintenance or overdraft fees, giving you access to your money two days before payday.

5. Acorns Invest

Acorns Invest is an all-in-one financial app designed to get younger generations investing early. With accounts dedicated to you and your family members, as well as retirement planning tools and ways to earn additional funds, Acorns provides everything needed to start investing and provide family financial education.

Acorns Invest stands out from other apps as it acts as a robo-advisor, meaning it invests automatically without needing manual intervention from you or guidance. Furthermore, its dynamic rebalancing helps ensure you remain on track with your investing goals and can ensure an efficient investing experience overall.

Acorns Invest does charge a monthly service fee of $3 for its personal tier of service, which could affect larger balances more. Furthermore, this charge might seem excessive for newer investors who may find Acorns too complex and confusing to navigate.

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