Why Global CTB Is Considered to Be One of the Best Online Brokers

Is Global CTB scam or legit? Many factors play a role in determining the quality of the brokerage firm. If you have been looking into online trading firms, you will know that there are plenty of options available. So, how do you decide which one to sign up with? The given answer is to go with the broker with the highest ratings. As an experienced trader, I can vouch for Global CTB to be one such broker.

If you look into this broker, you will discover various features that make it a top-choice firm among brokers. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the features that make Global CTB so sought after.

Best Features of Global CTB

Impressive List of Supported Trading Assets

Trading firms that offer a limited range of tradable instruments are not very desirable. This is because it limits the build of the investment portfolio of the traders as there are fewer investment options available.

Global CTB supports many tradeable instruments including forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, metals, oils, bonds, indices, and shares. What makes this range of assets great is that the broker offers many investment options with them. For instance, you can trade with up to 60 forex pairs, a variety of cryptocurrencies, and many more options. 

Allows CFD Trading

Another great feature provided by Global CTB is CFD trading. Contracts for Differences allow you to invest in an asset without actually spending your funds. So, instead of investing in the asset itself, you sign a contract with the broker for the difference in the market value of the asset for a period of time. This is actually one of the best options a broker can provide you as it allows you to invest in more than one asset at a time. You can use CFD trading for trading with all of the assets that this broker supports.

Affordable Initial Deposits

When you sign up with a new broker, you need to pay an amount to activate your trading account. Similar to opening a bank account. If you are new to the industry, then you may not be willing to pay huge sums to the broker in the beginning. However, some firms do not take this into consideration and keep the initial deposits as high as $1000 which may be a high cost for new traders. Global CTB allows you to activate your account by paying only a small amount of $250 which is an attractive package.

Tight Spreads

Spreads are the difference between the selling price and the purchasing cost of an asset. Any broker that you pick makes their income via their spread rates. For this reason, you may find that some brokers have a huge difference in the buying and our chasing cost of their assets. So, look for brokers with tight spreads when you are searching. However, you should be careful of the firms that offer unusually tight spreads because they can also be scams.

Global CTB is amazing in this regard in that along with it being a secure and regulated broker, it offers some of the tightest and competitive spreads among brokers. You can enjoy trading with the competitive rates of spreads that the firm offers without fearing big losses from the difference in costs.

The Bottom Line

As you spend more time in the finance industry, you will be able to fish out the better brokers yourself. However, till then if you want to try out only the highly reputed brokers, the Global CTB is the pick for you. The above-mentioned features only slightly touch the factors that make this broker so reliable. You will experience a great trading environment that allows you to trade with a peaceful mind if you sign up with this broker. The ultimate choice is yours, however, if you want to trust an experienced trader’s pick, then I would guide you towards selecting Global CTB.

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